Healthy and conscious living with the products of VITANA-X

Keine Tierversuche


100% natural


No petro-chemicals


Made in Switzerland





What does VITANA-X stand for?

VITANA-X stands for the union of nature & research!

We combine the most valuable treasures of pristine nature with award-winning manufacturing processes to develop nutritional supplements and natural skin care products that are among the most effective on the market.

Our mission is to help people enjoy a better quality of life and health, and thus a long and happy life.

VITANA-X Product lines


Award-winning technology for highest absorption of valuable nutrients make VITANA-X supplements unique compared to other supplements.

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DNA Analysis

The instruction manual for your body! Align your nutrition and health optimally with your genes with a personal DNA analysis from VITANA-X.

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Natural care products, without preservatives or substances of animal origin. Daily, effective care with a clear conscience.

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Products thus accessible to everyone

We want to enable people to live a more conscious life and thus make our VITANA-X products accessible to everyone to start their day more clearly!

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You want to combine your passion for health or beauty with a successful career. As a partner of VITANA-X you can recommend the VITANA-X products and build a home-based business where you can self-determine your financial and personal goals.

Help people achieve a better quality of life, health, and well-being